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Meet Steve

The World's 'Original' Business Coach

Described as a true 'Pioneer' of the business coaching profession, Leach has been inspiring, educating and guiding business owners, through all stages of business evolution, for over 24 years.


His career path has been paved with local and international accolades and accomplishments, including, being the first inductee into the Global Business Coach's Hall of Fame; first recipient of the Global MasterCOACH title; and many more.

"My evolution from the 'kid who struggled at school', to become a Multi-Millionaire, Entrepreneur, working a few days a week, because I want to, surprised nobody more than me!"

"I started down the 'self-employed/business ownership' path, so I could have 'control'. But like so many, 'control' became my prison."

It was 'education' in areas, that I hadn't previously appreciated, or valued that opened the door to my success...

The Essential Ingredients of Successful Business Ownership are: Inspiration, Education, Application & Accountability....

When Did You Last,

Just 'Skip Work'?...

This is Glen and his wife. Glen's a coaching client and owns a fantastic 'timber framing' business, in the United States. 

I received this SMS, before our coaching session, one Wednesday morning... Glen didn't feel like going to work, on that particular day... so he didn't!


Coaching has has allowed Glen's team; guided by procedures; & supported by systems & training; to successfully run the business for extended periods, without him.  

This flexibility, is what I believe, ALL business owners should enjoy and I strive to have all my clients achieve it! 

Words Of Wisdom

"Knowledge, is knowing a tomato, is a fruit...
                       ... 'Wisdom', is knowing you don't put it in a fruit salad!'

Join Steve as he shares some impactful and applicable business strategies, in this video series, inspired by amazing locations around the world!

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