Meet Steve Leach

Pioneer Business Coach

Global Award Winning Speaker & Trainer

Entrepreneur, Adventurer & Investor

Described as a true 'Pioneer' of the business coaching profession, Leach has been inspiring, educating and guiding business owners, through all stages of business evolution, for over 24 years.


His career path has been paved with local and international accolades and accomplishments, including, being the first inductee into the Global Business Coach's Hall of Fame; first recipient of the Global MasterCOACH title; and many more.

Passionate Innovator

Leach's motorbike construction project is a prime example of his love for 'outside-the-box' thinking which contributes so much, to his clients' success. 

"My evolution from the 'kid who struggled at school', to become a Multi-Millionaire, Entrepreneur, working a few days a week, because I want to, surprised nobody more than me!"

"I started down the 'self-employed/business ownership' path, so I could have 'control'. But like so many, 'control' became my prison."

It was 'education' in areas, that I hadn't previously appreciated, or valued that opened the door to my success...

In 1997, Leach became involved with Brad Sugars and joined Action International (now ActionCOACH), as a founding coach. 

"Action, literally founded the global Business Coaching industry! I remember sitting down with Brad and our small team, to debate what we'd call ourselves. Business Mentor, was the other option on the short list, but we eventually decided on 'Business COACHES'. As we developed what coaching was, I sucked up hundreds of hour of education. I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, working with mentors including Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Deepak Chopra."

"I realised the key to running a successful business, wasn't delivering a better product, it was learning to 'run business'. It took a lot of work, not just in 'what to do', but also in 'WHO' I had to become; re-programming my beliefs, to satisfy my values, in a different way from the 'hard work ethic' i'd been programmed with; getting comfortable with having 'MORE than enough'; and allowing myself to enjoy 'success'. "

Since 1997, Leach has been a business coach to over 520 business owners, from start-ups, to owners of international companies, with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, he has facilitated over 9,800 hours of workshops, seminars and group trainings, for tens of thousands of participants, in 72 cities, across 19 countries.

"So many brave business owners, take the plunge and 'start' a business. Some manage to 'grow' them, a scarce few, get to 'run' them, but its only a shocking few, manage to actually 'finish' their businesses, before they burn out (that means it works without them and provides an enviable passive income)."

"My quest, is to pass on my wisdom and knowledge, to as many business owners as I can, so everyone can avoid the mistakes and delays that I had to endure, to become 'Happy, healthy, Wealthy." 

Leach has been happily married for over 25 years. He has 3 amazing adult children. He enjoys designing and building various projects. Leach and his wife are prolific travellers and enjoy collection art, antiques and wine (although the latter, doesn't seem to last long). :-)

Work/Life Balance Master

Its often a slow process, to lose the balance between work, family, community, self, investing and other key ingredients that make life a joy. Leach's congruency in what he teaches and practices is both refreshing and rare. 

Setting An Example

Leach's mantra, is 'Only every take advice from people you aspire to be like!' A believer in 'Bucket List' achievement (like playing the World's Longest Par 3 Hole in Africa), Leach believes that business ownership, should be the means to live a 'remarkable' life!

© 2020 Steve Leach. 

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