Steve Leach – The Original

In 1997, Leach became involved with Brad Sugars and joined Action International (now ActionCOACH) as a founding coach.

“Action, literally founded the global Business Coaching industry! I remember sitting down with Brad and our small team to debate what we’d call ourselves. Business Mentor was the other option on the short list, but we eventually decided on ‘Business COACHES.’ As we developed what coaching was, I soaked in hundreds of hours of education working with mentors including Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Deepak Chopra.

I realised the key to running a successful business wasn’t delivering a better product, it was learning to ‘run business.’ It took a lot of work not just in ‘what to do,’ but also in who I had to become – reprogramming my beliefs to satisfy my values in a different way from the ‘hard work ethic’ I’d been programmed with, getting comfortable with having more than enough and allowing myself to enjoy success.”

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