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The curse of any new industry or profession, is its attractiveness to frauds, hypocrites and impostors, who exploit their prospects' ignorance and 'Business Coaching', is no different. 

Coaching is about defining your ultimate goal; planning the steps to get there; & sticking to the plan, in spite of the distractions of day-to-day, management and mitigation of business challenges.

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Discovery Session
1 Hour
Business Assessment
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DiSC Behavioural Profile

Your One-on-one Business Discovery Session, will:

- give you a clear snapshot of your current business situation;

- provide inspiration and additional exciting options, for your business and entrepreneurial future; and

- outline specific strategies and priorities, to effectively fill the gap, between your current situation and your ideal vision for the future. 

Your Discovery Session may be conducted at Leach's office in Stafford, Queensland; at your place of business; or by Zoom teleconference. 

Business Snapshot Assessment

Online Questionnaire & Graphic Snapshot

A comprehensive 99 question survey, will give you graphic insights and a benchmark score, across eleven areas of your business. 

Use it as a objective dashboard and indication about areas of greatest potential. 

Complete one each quarter and see the changes in your business structure and growth!

DiSC Behavioural Profile

Online Questionnaire & Profile Summary

This outstanding and popular Behavioural Profiling tool, will give you remarkable insights, into your behavioural tendencies, both in normal situations and under pressure. 

After all, your interaction with others, is undeniably, a key factor in your business and relationship success. 


Valued at over $120, your first assessment is free for a limited time. 


One Hour - One-on-One. 

Business Discovery Session


Business Assessment

& Planning

Mindset Evolution & Transformation

Strategy Development 

Team Building & Leadership

Business Systemisation

Business Assessment & Planning

Every worthy project or journey, begins with a plan! Even if getting into business, was an impulse, or a reaction to circumstance; its never too late, to pause and take stock of your situation, review your vision and goals & develop a strategic plan, to maximise the efficiency, profitability, enjoyment and evolution of your business. 

Leach will inspire you with options for your future, educate you on the strategies and needed and how to apply them, to achieve a business that can work without you. 


Mindset Evolution & Transformation

Your business will always be a reflection of what's in your heart and between your ears. For your business to transform, you need to evolve. 

Each stage of business evolution, from 'Self-Employed', to 'Manager of People', to 'Director/Leader', to 'Entrepreneur', takes a DIFFERENT skill set and different education. 

Overcoming our original programming about 'work ethic', 'wealth' and many other belief and value structures, is essential to long-term success. 


Strategy Development

Leach is often described as the 'HOW TO' guy for business. Tap into the wisdom of the MOST Experienced Business Coach on the planet and discover the combination of strategies and tactics you need, to vanquish your competition; and establish your business as the 'go to' place for loyal clients and customers. 


Team Building & Leadership

The attitude and effectiveness of your team, is the most important factor in determining your ability to evolve from 'self-employed', into a true 'business'. 

The keys to a great team, include development and systemisation of your recruitment, assessment, induction, training, support & Reporting processes. 


Business Systemisation

Systemisation involves the documentation of the business. The 'instruction manual', so to speak. Without systems, the owner is indispensable as the decision maker. This can be fulfilling at the start, but eventually becomes a burden and results in a business that is worth little, come sale time. 


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