Steve’s Approach

Steve understands that the curse of owning a business is finding experts to help transform your business in the right ways. When it comes to business coaching, there are many out there who are looking to exploit businesses rather than help them flourish.

Many business coaches stick to a defined model or process, while Steve understands that not every business fits into one mold. Steve offers a unique and individualized approach to business coaching to transform your business.

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    It’s Time to Finish Your Business,
    Here’s How Steve Can Help

    • Steve’s first step in business coaching is about defining your ultimate goal. Having an overall goal helps drive motivation and inspiration to make your business the best it can be.
    • Next, it’s about planning the steps to get there. Steve will help you define exactly what steps you need to take to get your business closer to that ultimate goal.
    • Address the challenges. Are you struggling with managing your team? Is your business underperforming? By identifying your business challenges, Steve will help troubleshoot and provide expertise on how to move through these.
    • Stick to the plan! In spite of the distractions of day-to-day management and mitigation of business challenges, you must stick to your plan to achieve your goals.
    • Finish your business and reap the immense rewards of a successful business!
    Business Coaching - Discovery Session

    Business Discovery Session

    Steve offers a free one-on-one session to see where your business is at and what it needs to be more successful. Steve’s discovery sessions are completely individualized and tailored to each business owner.

    In the discovery sessions, Steve focuses on these key principles for your business:

    • Providing a clear snapshot of your current business situation
    • Offering inspiration and exciting options for your business and entrepreneurial future
    • Outlining specific strategies and priorities to effectively fill the gap between your current situation and your ideal vision for the future.

    Steve Specializes In

    Assessment & Planning

    Vision & Planning

    It is important to regularly check in and take stock of your business situation, review your vision, goals, and develop a strategic plan to maximise efficiency, profitability, enjoyment, and evolution of your business.

    Mindset Evolution & Training

    Mindset Evolution & Transformation

    Owning a business is an ever evolving process and it is important to be flexible and adaptable to each stage of your business. Steve is an expert in helping evolve your skills as you move through each stage of your business.

    Strategy Development

    Cashflow & Profits

    There’s a saying that ‘Revenue is Vanity; Profit is Sanity!’ Most people understand ‘cash’, but not ‘money’. This is often realised when your accountant says you apparently made a bunch of profit, but there’s nothing in the bank.

    Assessment & Planning

    Business Systemisation

    Systemisation involves the documentation of the business- it’s the ‘instruction’ manual. While this is not the most interesting step for many, it is crucial in setting a good foundation for your business.

    Team Building & Leadership

    Team Enhancement

    Steve specializes in helping you take your business to the next level. Having strategy on how to become even better than your competitors and obtaining loyal customers will take your business to the next level.

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      What My Clients Say

      With Steve’s help, we’ve implemented strategies that have made a real difference to how we run our business and our team, as well as increase our database and our profit…more importantly, he teaches us, so that we can apply the same principles to any business we choose to get involved with in the future.

      L.Davis & S.Groves – Mount Eden Motorcycles

      In 6 months working with Steve, I’ve gone from working over 60 hours per week ‘in’ my business to under 20. We’ve also lifted my conversion rate 43% and implemented systems that mean I’m earning more than ever!

      S. Ford – Pride Kitchens

      I was sceptical at first, but I knew we needed major changes in our business. After 2 months with Steve as our coach, our extra profits have easily covered our investment and our predictions for the next 10 months are amazing. In my opinion, if you want something more than what you have now (more time, more money, a saleable business and more fun) Steve can help you achieve it.

      M. Avery – Coomera Pet Motel.

      Steve Leach speaks with an enthusiasm and passion for his subject that will make you question the clarity of your own business thinking.

      Michelle Charlton – Algester Court Flowers

      Unless you are making heaps of money, you can always learn to make more at this seminar.

      Isobel Harry – Bright Eyes Sunglasses

      To get ahead, you need to learn the game from these experts…

      Guy Berger – Action Bicycles

      Why continue doing the same things that may, or may not be working, when you can come to this seminar & find out how to make your business work for you.

      Greg Quince – Quince & Co.

      Steve forces business owners to look objectively at their own business & how it can be improved.

      Colin Fincher – Lifewriters Mutual Group

      With support and encouragement from Steve we were able to negotiate massive discounts on products that we purchase from our suppliers for resale. They slashed over 40% off our buy price!

      TimWoodroff -Tanlines