Global Award Winning

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Steve Leach

Step 1: Meet & Greet Call - FREE

Gain that 'all important', 'first-impression',with a quick chat by phone with Steve. Even though this call won't cost you a cent, you'll gain some super valuable insights, into the world of business coaching, by talking to the pioneer of the industry. There's no pressure; no strings attached, just some great information, to help you explore all your options and make informed decisions. 

Step 2: Full Discovery Session - FREE

As the name suggests, this 90 minute session is designed to:

- explore your motives for being in business; your goals & your experience to date;

- provide observation, feedback and insight, into any constraints and opportunities;

- clarify the current mechanism, operation and resources, of your business;

- identify and discuss, strategies for growth, evolution and transformation. 

Step 3: 1-on-1 Coaching Program

A customised, one-on-one coaching program, of Inspiration, Education, Application and Accountability, delivered though our proven, world-class, methodology, over the long term, is the most effective and powerful way, to achieve transformation of your business. 


Described as an 'Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship' by many clients. Leach's programs start from as little as two thousand dollars a month.