One-On-One Coaching

A one-on-one coaching program, matched to your business situation, is the ultimate tool for positive transformation. 

Because every business owner is different, a thorough assessment and discovery session is a pre-requisite for these long-term programs. 

Keynote Conference Presentations 

A staggering 8,600 hours, on stage, in 68 cities, across 20 countries, is testament to Leach's outstanding ability as an effective, impactful and entertaining presenter and speaker. 

In-House Training

& Workshops

Whether Sales Skills, Customer Service, Personal Development, 

Communication, Time Mastery, Goal Setting, or a dozen other subjects, Leach will design and facilitate a customised workshop, that will have a profound and long-lasting effect on your team.

Planning & Alignment Sessions

Designed for the business owner, who wants to transition from a 'reactive/tactical' approach, where business is being managed and run; to a 'proactive/strategic' style, where they can really take dominion over their future.