An inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker

Steve’s keynote speaking is crafted with a great balance of humour, practicality and energy. Rather than focusing on academic theories, Steve’s approach touches on experiences, situations, and applicable strategies.

 Steve aims for his speaking events to be inspiring, energizing, and equipping the audience to put the wheels in motion to achieve better results.

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    Steve’s Keynote Speaking

    Steve delivers dynamic keynote presentations and engaging seminars to:

    • Business owners who want to achieve their full potential in business and life
    • Entrepreneurial groups and associations that need fresh ideas, insights & inspiration
    • Corporations who want to encourage greater leadership, spirit & cooperation within their teams
    • Educational Institutions who want to equip their students with the mindset and methods to achieve success

    What Makes Steve Different?

    Leach is the “real deal” – Success didn’t come with one lucky break in business. Steve did not have the foundation of an entrepreneurial upbringing or cash inheritance. His evolution from a middle-class kid who struggled in school into a Globally recognised pioneer of the Business Coaching Profession and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur has come with decades of mentoring, education, application, reflection and adaptation.

    As a true industry “pioneer,” Leach has a unique perspective having first-hand experience in the unforeseeable highs and lows of being a hands-on business operator in an industry without precedent. He’s the HOW TO guy. His goal is to leave his entire audience eager to make profound and permanent changes in their lives and businesses.

    Watch Steve Leach in Action

    “A consummate entertainer, profound content; AND applicable strategies!… WOW!”

    Audience Feedback

    The most inspiring, entertaining, thought provoking presentation I’ve seen for a long time… and I see lots! Thanks for the great ideas.


    Steve Leach speaks with an enthusiasm and passion for his subject that will make you question the clarity of your own business thinking.

    Michelle Charlton – Algester Court Flowers

    You get ideas that you don’t normally get at FREE seminars which you can use immediately…

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    To get ahead, you need to learn the game from these experts…

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