Steve Leach

Industry Pioneer

Described as a 'pioneer' of the Global Business Coaching

industry, Leach has over 20 years experience, working with

business owners, close the gap between reality and dreams,

through inspiration, education, practical application and

ongoing accountability. 

Leach's awards are testament to his abilities. From being the

first coach, inducted into the Global Hall of Fame, to the

only recipient of the Global MasterCOACH award and

dozens of other global and regional accolades & awards. 

His unsurpassed experience, extends from coaching

novice start-up businesses, to international corporations with

revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year. 




Global Trainer & Speaker

With over 6,100 hours on stage, across

15 countries, Leach is acknowledged as

one of the most engaging, entertaining

and effective speakers and trainers around. 

His incredible diversity of experience, allows

him to totally engage and completely interact

with his audiences; instantly responding to

questions with practicalapplicable strategies. 


His presentation style is both thoroughly entertaining and proufoundly impactful,

with attendees continuing to relate their experiences, for years after their training.  



Setting An Example

" I believe you should only take advice from people you aspire to be like, so I strive to set an example. I married my (only) amazing wife, over 20 years ago. We have an amazing life with our 3 kids, who love to spend time

with us, talking about their dreams and what's

happening in their lives. I can't remember the last

time I worked a weekend, night, or even a Friday.

I'm a self-made, Multi-Millionaire, through careful

investing and working smarter not harder. And I love

having the time and money, to travel the world with

my family, clients and work mates. I also appreciate,

being able to chase and catch my dreams. 

I hope we get the chance to work together, so you

can achieve and enjoy your dreams. 

World's First Franchised

Business Coach 1997