A Dream Becomes Reality

From the moment I saw Sydney artist, Tim Cameron's artwork for his 'Dream Bike', I was smitten! It was sometime in 2004 from memory, that I saw the render of Tim's 'Dream Bike' in Live to Ride magazine. I cut it out and pasted it on my 'dream chart'. 

Luckily for me, Christian Travert, a brilliant engineer in Florida, responsible for the design on Jay Leno's, Jet Bike (Y2K), was also inspired to collaborate with Cameron, to make the bike a reality and called it V-Rex.  

In 2008, I travelled to the USA and negotiated to buy the first ever V-Rex prototype. This was the very same bike that appeared in 'Fast & Furious 4'.


It was also shortlisted to be used in 'Transformers II', but the production company wanted an outrageous amount of money for 'product placement'!  

Then came the huge task of getting it back to Australia and on the road. 

First, it was completely dissassembled into over 300 pieces and shipped to my home in Brisbane. Not having been party to the dissassemby and not having a manual, it became the biggest jigsaw puzzle, I've ever done! 

I chucked out the entire electrical system and build a new one from scratch, with everything I wanted. Everything from '2 way remote starting, communication & surveillance'; to the 'garage door opener'! It has GPS tracking & navigation, along with hi-res / infared rear view cameras (instead of mirrors). 

I needed to make a bunch of changes, to comply with Australian standards, including:

Design and fabrication of rear guard.

Suspension brackets for ride height.

All lights, instruments & indicators replaced, &

Frame altered & reinforced.

Its been my daily ride, for almost 8 years now and has done over 40,000 km. It is the only one in Australia, with the next nearest sibling, apparently being in Beijing. 

Sadly after a short run, Christian has now stopped making the V-Rex.